Commercial Real Estate

Do you have the right mindset to own commercial real estate?

A great way for anyone to expand their portfolio is to find an investment property in southeastern North Carolina. This area is on the rise, due to it’s attractive locations to beaches, decent weather (never really snows) and has become a huge target for people looking to invest in properties. ┬áIt’s best if your commercial real estate team is full of experts who can help guide you through the lay of the land in the area you want to develop/invest in. So we suggest you check out some of the firms servicing that area. Whether you simply are looking for some commercial office space for lease, and investment property, or even a tract of commercial land to develop a mixed-use project.

Developers are looking for clever ways to turn land, or even older development projects, into newer, improved locations, in order to increase revenues. All across the country you’ll find clever uses of commercial land for sale and a wide variety of commercial space in order to increase foot traffic, sales, and the like. One of the growing problems, however, is the increase in vehicle traffic which leads to congested roads and highways.

We’re also noticing a trend, a huge rise in mixed-use commercial properties. These properties include retail, dining, homes, and staple hotels all in 1 development. This gives cities room to grow by attracting residents and business owners alike. These types of mixed-use projects are usually built near high-end income areas and the retail shops are filled with high end stores. One of the reasons is high end retail stores are not in as much danger to losing sales to online giants like Amazon. These stores are still able to attract foot traffic into the retail location, whereas some of the other big box retailers are losing sales to online competitors.

When you make the decision to invest in commercial real estate properties, you want highly qualified commercial real estate consultants at your side. Researching the available consultants in your area thoroughly is just as important as researching the area you want to invest or develop in. One of the best ways to vet a company is to look at their previous projects, ask for references, and even ask people in your professional network for references.